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Zip Line

Enjoy the view from the start tower. Fly down.

Our Zip Line is open all days in summertime between 10 AM to 7 PM

  • Length  720 ft
  • Drop 115 ft
  • Height over the ground  66 ft
  • Max speed 18 - 30 mph
  • Max weight 260 lb
  • Ages under 18 parents approval

The trip

  • You are in the start tower and have got the permission from
  • the instructor that everything is okay.
  • You sit in the harness (on the swing).
  • The barrier is opened.
  • With a little hesitate you take a step forward and suddenly
  • you glide 25 feet over the ground.
  • Your fear of heights disappeared.
  • You are gliding out over the meadow
  • Straighten your legs forward
  • Suddenly the soil on your right side is over your head
  • Eventually a friend of yours stands there taking a photo.
  • Then you pass the edge and see the lane 66 feet below.
  • Speed accelerates.
  • You pass over the trees and eventually the horses on the meadow.
  • You believe you understand the feeling of flying like a bird.
  • Suddenly you reach the stop trolley.
  • Speed decrees from 22 – 33 mph to 0 mph in 20 feet.
  • After stop gravity takes you back.
  • You enter the landing platform.
  • Disconnect the trolley and steps down.